Data delivers delights

Handa’s Opera on Sydney Harbour is a unique experience and in 2015, we were tasked with one key objective – construct the optimal media plan to sell tickets!

By analysing purchase data from previous years, we found that ticket buyers tend to be commitment shy, purchasing tickets close to the dates of performance. Given a budget that had to stretch from the time of the Box Office launch until the last performance, we could see that the traditional arc of media planning, was not optimising conversion, right when the audience were more likely to be considering HOSH as an entertainment option.

By converging the results of bespoke qualitative research that we conducted on behalf of OA, and data from actual ticket sales, we devised a strategy that sought to ‘Educate, engage and enable’ new and occasional Opera goers.

This thought influenced messaging, channel selection, flighting and media weight, delivering a distinctly different campaign. The decisions we made led to the most successful season of HOSH in its then, four year history.