Not your Grandma’s Mercedes-Benz

Our original challenge in 2013, was to demonstrate the sporty, innovative and contemporary values of the all new A-Class, and increase Consideration for Mercedes-Benz as a brand, amongst a younger luxury car buyer. We did this by delivering high levels of Awareness via high impact media placements, and engaged with technology and content to earn social currency via a unique digital partnership.

We approached Broadsheet about developing curation and sharing functions and so “My Broadsheet” was born. “My Broadsheet” allows readers uncompromising control over their content and social management experience, as well as subscriber benefits, and the chance to attend covetable events.

In 2016 we helped reinforce the youthful perspective of the latest A-Class model, through making all communications Shazam-enabled, allowing the audience a peek inside the vehicle and engagement via hotspot technology.

Our ongoing strategy of reaching out to younger audiences with bespoke content has to date reaped enormous benefits with significant gains in brand equity metrics and a positive shift in buyer demographics.




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