Small film, big box office

Last Cab to Darwin, an Australian film, was released in 2015 to great critical acclaim. However given it’s challenging yet life affirming storyline and the competitiveness to draw an audience (especially for Australian films) it was imperative that we help generate as much awareness as possible, within the first weeks of release, if we were to generate the required box office.

Through excellence in media placement and strong negotiations, this small Australian film, looked huge out in the marketplace. By focusing on a culturally and socially aware audience for whom the issues may be particularly relevant, we were able to deliver a suite of content and assets to preview both the heart and the humour of the film. We leveraged social media to drive talk and content sharing in the first weeks of the film release. And by aligning with Australian content and delivering a campaign across both traditional and digital media assets we delivered a high level of general awareness.

And the best part – box office goals were comprehensively smashed!